Introducing Lumada Data Catalog

By Anand Sagar Rao Vala posted 04-17-2020 03:07


Author: Glen Martin, Product Management, Lumada Data Catalog

What do we mean when we talk about “unlocking the value of data”?  Certainly, better analytics, and better data science. Better understanding of our customers, better business decisions being made.


But it starts with better understanding of the data we have, where it is stored, how it got there, and who is using it. We can’t drive a data-driven enterprise without knowing our data.


This is why Hitachi Vantara recently acquired Waterline Data – for the ability to integrate and leverage critical data catalog capabilities into our broader Data Management, Integration, and Analytics solutions.


We’ve just shipped our newest release of the now-renamed Lumada Data Catalog, which you might know under its previous name, Waterline Data Catalog.  Here are some of the new features and improvements we’ve delivered recently:

Self-Service Analytics:

            Improved searching for data having a tag, adding a sort by inference confidence level

            Support for deleting posts in threaded discussions and reviews

Sensitive Data Management:

            Many refinements in our ML engine, particularly in discovering business entities, and the use of business entities to improve recognition for ambiguous content types

Metadata Management:

            Brand-new data lineage graphs, at both entity and field level, combining inferred and imported edges

            Support for CASE statements in quality or business rules processed in our Rules Engine

And all around the product:

            Don’t wait on data sources that are temporarily offline or with slow network connections

            Job status reporting, management of background jobs, and record more job metrics

            Report showing the availability of Data Catalog discovery agents deployed across your firm

            Simplified mechanism for purging catalog of historic datasets whose entries are no longer required


But the change people may notice first is the reskinning – this is the same great data catalog, now with logos and treatments making clear it is part of the Hitachi Vantara’s Lumada Data Services portfolio.


I joined Hitachi Vantara as part of the acquisition of Waterline Data. I’ve very excited by the opportunity to take Waterline’s leading AI-Driven Catalog, extending and integrating it into the Lumada data services suite that includes business analytics, data integration, and data management.


To find out more about Lumada Data Catalog and to request a demo, visit us here: