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By Bernard Gugelot posted 10-21-2019 20:34


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The Center of Excellence offers support which includes Demo`s, PoC`s and sales/pre-sales support functions.
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In addition to the product/solutions​ below, the CoE can also assist with 3rd Party products and services: Veritas Netbackup; Commvault Simpana; Moonwalk, POiNT; Veritas Enterprise Vault; STAR Storage SEAL; Metalogix, bespoke services (from a 3rd Party); HCP-AW SharePoint Connector BEP Systems; ISV Intergration & APP development assistance.​

See below the Demo overview.

Lumada Data Optimizer: Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop is an intelligent data tiering solution that reduces operating costs and gives you seamless access to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data for real-time analytics with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

  • Dynamically tier data between HDFS and HCP and maintain secure access via HDFS with no disruptions.
  • 4 node Cloudera hadoop cluster and multi side HCP configuration
Hitachi Content Pl​atform: Hitachi Content Platform provides a customers with an on-premise object storage for AWS S3 and HTTP Rest with additional archive capabilities for compliance use cases.
  • Multi-tenant capabilities
  • Flexible growth due to Economic storage nodes - S10 and S30
  • The capabilities to store, index and search customer metadata
  • The usage of retention for compliance purposes
HCP Anywhere​: HCP-AW provides customer with an on-premise file sync and share solution with built-in end user protection for secure sharing of data between internal and external users.
  • End user experience of the User Portal and the Windows Client
  • Administration tasks to create user profiles for FSS and backup
  • Audit capabilities
Cloud Brokering: Cloud Brokering demonstrates the capability of HCP how data can be tiered to the Cloud (Amazon S3, Google etc.)
  • Basic principles of cloud components, pools and service plans and how they are configured
  • How tenants and namespaces can be assigned to a different service plan
Expanding Hadoop HDFS storage to HCP Object Store: Hadoop has long supported the ability to interact with object storage systems via the S3A interface or its predecessors, S3N and S3 (reference). Storing data in Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) provides distinct advantages over a filesystem because object storage scales to billions of objects without performance degradation and provides a lower total cost of ownership. Storing HDFS data on HCP via S3A also allows applications the ability to leverage HCP's best in class compliance capabilities and to share data with other applications by directly leveraging HCP's RESTful APIs.​

Hitachi Content Intelligence: HCI helps dealing with problems like exponential data growth, not knowing what you have g​ot and where to find my relevant data. It provides you with a toolset of workflows to analyze, transform, index and enrich of data and metadata.
  • The flexibility of workflows, pipelines and stages
  • Show how data and metadata can be extracted and enriched
  • The customizable search experience for the end user
Electronic Communications Management for Data Governance: The Financial trading industry is heavily regulated. Financial institutions are required to monitor all financial trading activity to ensure they are compliant. Electronic communications such as voice, e-mail, instant messaging and electronic chat all need to be monitored to allow an organizations compliance teams to be able to quickly and accurately deliver relevant data to regulators.
  • How data from different data sources is ingested and normalized into a secure digital asset vault
  • How relevant data can be searched, discovered and delivered for regulatory and audit purposes
  • How data can be automatically removed once it meets it’s retention requirements

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