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By Bernard Gugelot posted 10-21-2019 20:34


Modern Data Protection re-architected for scalability, security, cloud services

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See below the Demo overview.

Hitachi-Ops Data Instance Director: Enables the deployment of modern data protection and copy data management capabilities as cloud-based services, with new fe​atures​ including:​

A comprehensive RESTful API to enable full integration with application environments and managed services portals. Storage-assisted protection of VMware vSphere environments, with a vCenter management plug-in, for block and file storage.

Automation of the Data Retention Utility within Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) systems to enable fast recovery of application data following a ransomware or other cyber attack.

  • Demonstrate both local Replication in the form of ShadowImage and ThinImage as well as Remote replication demos in the form of GAD, TrueCopy, TrueCopy 3DC and Universal Replicator.
  • Demonstrate Ap​​plication consistent snapshot and remote mounts for Oracle dababases, SQL databases and SAP HANA databases.
  • Demonstrate the higly granular, role based access controle for securing processes and data storage resources
  • ​Demonstrat​e backup tiering to HCP for long back up retention
  • Demonstrate intergration with VADP for granular (VMware tagging) VM related backup and restore
  • Demonstrate application consistent snapshots utilizing pre and post scripts on PostgreSQL.
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with Hitachi array based replication utilizing Site Recovery Adaptor (SRA) for HDID
Veritas Netbackup (Cloud catalyst)Demo the interoperability of Veritas and Hitachi products to provide a strong and cost-effective alternative to Dell Data Domain. The Demo covers the following steps:
  • Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID), using automount presents a  Storage-based DB snapshot to Veritas Netbackup
  • Veritas Netbackup – Writes data to safety
    • Initially to the physical 5240 Appliance for short-term retention
    • Using Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) data is either marked for short-term retention or for Long-term retention
    • Using the (virtual 5240) Cloud Catalyst longer term retention is duplicated to Hitachi Content platform (HCP), whilst maintaining Netbackup Deduplication ratio
  • Hitachi Content Platform – Storage platform for longer term retention data​