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CoE Storage Management

By Bernard Gugelot posted 10-21-2019 20:34


Storage Management solutions.

Consolidate. Simplify. Innovate

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See below the Demo overview.

Hitachi-Ops Center Automator: Provide self-service storage infrastructure. Automation Direc​​tor simplifies common and repeatable storage tasks with intelligent automated workflows that incorporate storage management best practices and infrastructure abstraction.

  • Showing our automation framework and how it can assist with providing the business and the users with much needed control, dashboards and multitenancy
  • Show the ease of Hitachi Vantara products automations levering the previously shown products
  • Enabling users with a simple form to provision their own storage, only asking the customization in questions.
  • Giving some real-live automation use cases:
    • Request driving automation and helping our Administrators do more, demo makes use of catalog items in ServiceNow
    • Creating a self-service experience in Service Now
    • Ease of repeatable task automation through, copy and paste, do-it-yourself workflows
    • Providing a user with a guided provisioning experience through the ServiceNow Bot Example
Hitachi-Ops Center Analyzer: Analytics solutions help you to obtain operational efficiencies by using new analytic applications to properly manage IT performance and capacity. 
  • Assist our clients in providing a predictable performance experience
  • Detecting issues before they happen using Dynamic and Static Trending of workloads
  • Better reports to management using View Point
  • Creating End-to-End visibility dashboard to:
    • Identify problems
    • Find Noisy neighbors in our IT infrastructure
    • Take corrective action and automations based what customers see through the dashboard.
    • Correlating resources using Sparkline views.

Hitachi-Ops Center AdministratorHitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) provides the global active device feature, which simplifies both distributed system design and operations.Global-active device allows organizations to achieve zero recovery time and point objectives (RTO and RPO).
  • Ease of storage management,
  • Whats new in HSA management, core differences from HCS(Hitachi Command Suite)
  • Never do the same task twice with HSA using Rest Automation
  • Setting up GAD with HDID(Hitachi Data Instance Director) integration
  • Easy Migration between arrays and pools.

3-Data-Center Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Hitachi technological advances in storage-based data services, including active active storage clustering and highly efficient long-distance replication, have enabled the cost effective implementation of 3-data-center (3DC GAD) disaster recovery architectures.These architectures dramatically improve protection against permanent loss and corruption of data. Moreover, this approach provides the foundation for much faster system recovery, or can even mitigate the need for recovery.
  • ​Demonstrate a vSphere Metro Cluster cluster with {Site Recover Manager} on a GAD with 3DC delta resync platform.
  • Demonstrate an Oracle Real Application Clusters on a GAD with 3DC delta resync​ platform.
Hitachi NAS platform: NAS Platform consolidates File, Block and Object Data to Reduce complexity. 
  • Demonstrate active/active four node clustering untilizing Global Active Device enhanced for Nas (GEfN), with workload mobility.
  • Demonstrate continues operations for critical NAS applications with zero downtime.
  • Demonstrate the ease of managing GEfN with HDRS.
  • Demonstrate repairing a system with HDRS, after a site failure.
  • Demonstrate managing HNAS day to day tasks through HSA
  • Demonstrate ​data migration from NAS to Cloud (HCP)