The Need For Speed in Your Hybrid Cloud

By Diane Clay posted 08-22-2019 20:32

Have you heard the one about the need to go “cloud first”? Really, stop me if you’ve heard it already.  Of course, you have!  Going to cloud is the imperative at almost every company world-wide.  How exactly to make that happen quickly and effectively can be another story altogether.

The promise of cloud is intoxicating – put your data in the cloud will be cheap and easy, giving you an instant competitive advantage. The reality?  Not so much.  In order to effectively implement cloud involves the identification, implementation and management of a highly complex set of tasks, processes and activities.  Implementing a hybrid cloud infrastructure includes implementing self-service, developing a service catalog, understanding data location and compliance requirements,
availability and protection, infrastructure performance, security, resource planning, upgrades and system management, change control for VMware and data services implementation, requirements for chargeback / showback as well as monitoring, alerting and reporting requirements. 

And that’s not even the whole list! Forget about one?  The whole ball of wax implodes into a massive tangle of unmet expectations.

Can you do this yourself?  Of course you can, with the right tools, skillsets, time and budget.  But what if you could have a pre-engineered, pre-designed platform for your VMware cloud environments? That came with guaranteed SLAs from day 1? And reduced your costs, risk and time to cloud?

Now you can.    Designed for companies looking for a public cloud experience within a private or hybrid cloud environment, you want a fully managed solution that is pre-designed and pre-engineered fully managed to get you to cloud faster, with guaranteed service levels.

Why fully managed?  To offload the risk from you to the solution provider.  Why guaranteed service levels and outcomes?  To get to your desired cloud value faster – day 1 – not after months of adjustments and tinkering.  Why pre-engineered with pre-designed Service catalogs? To reduce the implementation time and risk.  And it all should come with predictable, consumption-based pricing so that there are no surprises and you are only paying for what you use – not buying infrastructure or capacity that may never get utilized.  With an all-in-one solution that is tailored to your requirements, provides unlimited growth to meet your evolving needs and enables you to put your data and applications where it makes the most sense for your business.  And all with a partner you can trust.

Think this sounds too good to be true?  Nah – Hitachi Enterprise Cloud with VMware vRealize does all this and more.  Want to find out more about how to accelerate your time to business value, save money, reduce risks and ensure a fast onramp to Cloud?  Talk to us at VMworld, booth #1435 about how we work with VMware to accelerate your cloud.