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Transforming Health Care with Hitachi DataOps

By Dinesh Singh posted 09-23-2019 20:19


I wrote about how an East Asian cancer research center is leveraging Hitachi’s hyperconverged solution (Unified Compute Platform HC) to predict lung patients’ needs for intensive care. In today’s blog, I’m writing about improving clinical and operational decision support to improve patient care and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.

Delivering the right data to the right people at the right time is key to critical decision making, it can mean saving a life or recommending the right medical procedure, which could be less risky, less costly and less painful, or some combination thereof. To make accurate diagnoses and provide necessary care, physicians and nurses need to have access to all the patient data and images on their mobile endpoints. Clinical decision support systems integrate patient reports from various departments to present a single view to physicians on rounds, on the road or at their residence. 

Growing volumes of images arising out of specialties such as cardiology, nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology have been traditionally hosted in compartmentalized PACS (Picture Archive and Communication Systems). Mach7 Technologies’ enterprise imaging solution integrates these siloed archives, consolidates patient data and provides on-demand access to health care professionals.


Data workflows in a health care scenario provide opportunities to reduce costs in the way data is stored and managed, but the lack of visibility and automation make it difficult to take advantage of them. 
Mach7’s software running on Hitachi Vantara’s UCP HC hyperconverged appliance delivers DataOps solutions that can flexibly scale to serve an entire hospital or multiple clinical locations to enable medical care professionals to improve patient care.

Linearly scalable UCP HC appliances host the Mach7 application and are used to store hot data while tiering the less frequently accessed patient image and data to object storage systems, like Hitachi Content Platform(HCP), to optimize storage efficiency. HCP Object repository helps ensuring data security and compliance with government regulations. 

Built-in intelligence with the integrated data management solution delivers higher performance and massive storage capacity in lower tiers. Relying on usage patterns, the solution optimally distributes data across different tiers to meet performance and cost requirements. Hitachi DataOps workflow benefits healthcare providers in reducing risk, improving operational agility and saving costs.                    

Travis G. Nuzzi, Vice President of Mach7 Technologies, said “Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging solution on Hitachi’s hyperconverged solution (Unified Compute Platform HC) delivers real-time access to patient data and images by eliminating IT siloes and simplifying information management. Flexible scale and data tiering with UCP HC solution drives innovation and reduces costs of clinical operations.”

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