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What’s New with Converged, Hyperconverged and Solutions Portfolio … Hold on Tight!

By posted 10-14-2019 02:52

The strength of Hitachi Vantara lies in the wide portfolio of solutions to meet technology needs for customers anywhere at any scale. Very few tech vendors can claim both the deep expertise in core data center technology and experience in business applications, ensuring a seat for Hitachi Vantara in digital transformation initiatives. For customers, it means simpler procurement, fewer vendor contracts, easier SLA governance and streamlined IT operations, besides a robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure platform.

Introducing the latest Converged, Hyperconverged and Solutions portfolio enhancements:    
The Hitachi Vantara  portfolio of converged, hyperconverged and business application solutions  enhancements were highlighted at 
Hitachi NEXT 2019. We offer choice to our customers to build data-driven infrastructure that is consistent with their business objective, helps maximize their existing data center investments and gets them to be on an accelerated path to hybrid cloud. Recognizing our customers’ strategic priorities, we offer edge to cloud IT infrastructure solutions that deliver the right landing place for their apps as per budget, performance and availability requirements.

The announcements enhance the Hitachi Vantara hybrid and private cloud infrastructure solutions, analytics infrastructure solutions, SAP HANA solutions and database solutions.

Hybrid and Private Cloud Solutions:
We are extending the flexible infrastructure delivered to enable organization to transform existing IT Infrastructure into private and hybrid cloud environments. We enable agile infrastructure with the ability to integrate converged (CI) and hyperconverged (HCI) with internal or external storage and provide consistent infrastructure services across the diverse environment.

Extending the partnership with Intel, we’re rolling out Intel Cascade Lake CPUs across the converged, hyperconverged and solutions portfolio. New Intel processors deliver higher performance, and lower power consumption. To provide faster access to data, we now support 100 Gbps connectivity in the HCI systems. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory or more commonly known as Apache Pass will be available on CI and HCI platforms to reduce latency, increase IOPS and enable higher VM densities. We are expanding the choice of network switches by natively supporting Arista switches.

The common management plane for CI and HCI systems, 
Unified Compute Platform Advisor, has been the fulcrum of innovation to provide a scalable and robust management and infrastructure automation. We continue to augment new features and capabilities, mature APIs, and improved user experience to simplify management. Additional security measures have been introduced to enhance access control, auditability, and adherence to IT Security policies.

New UCP Advisor release further increases automation for Day-0 deployment and expands bare metal deployment support for faster time to production. Continuing our endeavor to provide a robust platform of choice, new APIs enable a flexible open architecture to allow for on-demand provisioning of infrastructure resources such as Kubernetes or vSphere. Augmented policy-driven management capabilities automate provisioning and consumption of resources to eliminate overprovisioning and minimize human errors.

Highlighting important solution-specific enhancements
Converged infrastructure: 
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI (UCP CI) infrastructure integrates compute, network and storage elements and abstracts the functionality managed by UCP Advisor software for agility and flexibility. UCP CI is a platform of choice for consolidation for VMware hypervisor or multi-hypervisor workloads, container workloads requiring persistent storage and bare metal workloads. Easily configurable UCP CI systems allow you to scale compute and storage independently to align with your application needs. The UCP CI also expanded storage support to include Industry’s most scalable enterprise storage, the VSP 5000 Series.

Hyperconverged infrastructure:
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC solutions natively integrate compute, storage and hypervisor to deliver scale-out, high-performance hyperconverged systems.

Our newly released certified Intel Select hyperconverged solution provide a high-performance solution for accelerating latency-sensitive apps and workload consolidation.

Hyperconverged Cloud Foundation:
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, is a turnkey integrated SDDC cloud infrastructure for data center modernization and hybrid cloud for IT agility and simplicity.
capabilities to external storage systems, including the new VSP 5000 Series. Integrated hybrid cloud infrastructure solution consisting of SDDC components and external storage maximizes investment protection for existing storage landscape. It helps simplify the journey to multi-cloud with consistent UCP RS SDDC platform and a common management plane for simplicity, cost -optimization and security.  

Furthermore, customer gain improved cross cloud application mobility for application based on VMware stack on VCF and Container/Object Storage. 

Adaptive Solutions for CI:
A relatively new offering from Hitachi, Adaptive Solutions for CI provides the intelligent converged infrastructure from Cisco and Hitachi that offers a data-driven foundation and unchallenged reliability.

Customers now have increased scale and faster access to data with the new Hitachi storage system VSP 5000 and UCS B-Series servers. Integrated Global Active Device (GAD) technology enhances our data protection and remote disaster recovery options to meet business needs for continuous availability. Further, data intelligence is built in the management software to dynamically meet storage provisioning needs to ensure consistently high performance.

Hitachi Solutions for Analytics Infrastructure: 
Monetizing business data is among the top priorities for business leaders and why Hitachi is announcing a new analytics infrastructure solution to enable customers to uncover new actionable data insights.  The Analytics Infrastructure solutions will include GPU-powered Data Science solution for Deep Learning ranging from model development, training and operationalizing ML/DL-based applications. The solution will leverage Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) and Pentaho Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI).

The analytics solution will also enable real time and batch predictive analytics via latest Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop, greater compute node storage density, and improved TCO by offloading cold Hadoop data to HCP using Pentaho Data Integration.

Hitachi Infrastructure for SAP HANA: 
In-memory database platform, SAP HANA, is critical to success for many businesses. SAP HANA deployments can be complex, time-consuming and risky, if proper consideration is not given to choosing the right partner. Partnering with Hitachi Vantara, customers can deploy SAP HANA on high-performance, certified IT platforms that are backed by experienced in-house SAP HANA experts.
We’re introducing the new VSP 5000 series storage platform for TDI deployments and expanding available configurations to support bigger SAP HANA deployments up to 24TB memory, a 2x increase with the ability to support up to 222 SAP HANA instances. Support include scale-up and scale-out configurations for S/4 HANA and BW/4HANA along with bare metal virtualized deployment flexibility.

Hitachi Infrastructure for Database Solutions
Hitachi Solutions for database and data warehousing helps you achieve always-on availability to maximize revenue opportunity and uncover new business insights while ensuring high customer satisfaction.
The new release expands flexibility for customers with enhanced Oracle EDW optimization with support for industry-leading object storage, Hitachi Content Platform, as the data target tier. Our solution for Oracle databases will also support the new VSP 5000 series storage platform and we’ve enabled database acceleration using host-based flash cache.




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