On Premises Vs Public Cloud, Who Wins?

By Eric Silva posted 01-31-2020 18:50



On Premises Vs Public Cloud, Who Wins? 

Often people are confused in understanding the differences between on premises technology and cloud-based technologies. Just for fun and entertainment, I am going to use a skiing analogy to help demonstrate the differences between the two. Even though I use the same pair of skis they behave very differently depending how I operate them. Similar to an application running in my own data center or running in public cloud. Applications behave differently depending on where they are run or designed to run. On premises investments usually have very long life spans and are critical to the business operations and customer experience.


On premises technology is historically the only place large enterprises operated their critical applications. That all changed with lower costs for digital network, compute and storage resources.  The corporate data center is still there and vital as ever but it is no longer the sole home for all corporate data. It is also a go-between for on premises investments and new cloud-focused investments. Running business applications on premises is similar to giant slalom type turns on a steep slope. You stay in control, go very fast, and things run smoothly. Unless you hit a speed bump that can throw you off line and make you go slightly off course. Agility is sacrificed for more control and highest performance (no internet to slow you down) and stability:


On the other hand public and hybrid cloud modern container-based application deployment is engineered to be agile. Open source software, microservices and stateless transfer enables applications to massively scale to millions of users and rapidly change direction with fast, agile DevOps cycles. Similar to very quick slalom turns in a bumpy mogul field, cloud offers the greatest agility, flexibility and speed to adjust to the unknown - if executed with expertise. Speed increases risk and the opportunity for mistakes, so expertise is critical. It must be automatic, automated to work flawlessly at high speeds:



Make sure to go with experts in datacenter and cloud technologies like Hitachi Vantara so you can absorb all the business challenges that come your way and stay on course. Otherwise be ready to fail when the next speed bump hits. Hitachi Vantara experts can leverage the Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform to lower costs and risks associated with your next cloud project: