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#InThisTogether: Working from Home with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

By Jeffrey Lundberg posted 04-13-2020 20:58

Paul Lewis posted a blog the other day about becoming an agent of change that opens with the following:

"Change has been thrust upon us all over the last few months, as COVID-19 and its impact continue to dominate global headlines.

As employees are urged to #stayhome, businesses are having to rapidly abandon old ways of working and embrace radically decentralized new operating models."

That got me thinking about how #workfromhome and data collaboration are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In looking at articles and research data like the below, it's apparent that work from home is going to be more prevalent going forward.

Hitachi Vantara has the tools to help you quickly adapt to today's rapidly evolving environment. Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) can enable your workforce to be more productive and collaborative when working from home by giving users secure access to their data anywhere, anytime, from any device, and from existing NAS shares and Microsoft SharePoint. It even works in the persistent or non-persistent VDI environments that Dinesh Singh covered in his recent blog .

HCP Anywhere combines elements of file synchronization, cloud storage gateways, content sharing, device management, search, data protection and more into a simplified user experience that improves collaboration, communication and work-force engagement. What makes HCP Anywhere unique is our business-first approach to enterprise environments. This approach is not an adaptation of consumer technologies to the needs of enterprise IT. Rather, it is an integrated set of technologies that lets IT organizations retain visibility and control over their data. Click here for a 3 minute demo.

In addition to helping workers be productive from anywhere at any time and on any device, HCP Anywhere works with the Hitachi Content Platform object store to protect and recover user data in the event of data loss, device failure or ransomware attack. Hitachi Content Platform’s (HCP) versioning capabilities provide access to multiple versions of any file in a self-service manner. And since HCP Anywhere is synchronizing with HCP anytime a file is saved, little to no work will be lost if a file is compromised. And because HCP and HCP Anywhere run in your datacenters data is not only protected, it is secure, encrypted, properly governed and does not need to be stored in a cloud service to make it available to your users. Click here to learn more about data protection and recovery with HCP Anywhere.

I will speak more about this in a BrightTalk webinar on April 30th at 11AM Pacific time. Click here to register.

We have helped many others solve this same challenge and also want to help you in this chaotic time. Click here to learn more about HCP Anywhere or here to learn more about our workplace productivity solutions and read about some of our real-world successes below.

The HCP portfolio provides anywhere access and scalability while ensuring data is protected. “What got us here will not get us there. We continue to evolve and now have a foundation that works, that we can layer upon without having to rip and redo. We have agility to deploy new initiatives quickly,” Pravine Balkaran, Global Head of IT for Spin Master, explains. “The breadth and depth of Hitachi technologies and services are what get us out of fire-fighting mode and into enablement so we can foster revenue generation. – Spinmaster

“We can share large amounts of data with our customers, partners and suppliers easily and securely, anytime, anyplace and on any device. Using HCP Anywhere has created various degrees of benefit. Better cooperation and productivity, secure and monitored file sharing inside and outside the company, independent registration options for users without requiring training, avoidance of the security, protection and performance risks posed by cloud solutions, and much more. Our immediate task is to spread the solution throughout the company and make it available to everyone,” he concludes.– Gregor Kremsmüller CMO and Executive Board Member Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

“The university builds its own enterprise cloud drive system with HCP Anywhere to provide private and secure personal file storage space for its faculty members. The cloud-drive system enables mobility, thus reducing cost and improving productivity. The university created a personal file sync-and-share cloud drive system for the enterprise. Compared to other public clouds, the cloud-drive system based on HCP Anywhere offers complete privacy and better data security.” – Ocean University of China

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