This is What's Keeping Your Organization from Successful Digital Transformation

By Joshua Siegel posted 04-25-2020 11:40


This is What's Keeping Your Organization from Successful Digital Transformation


Digital disruption is coming to your organization (if it hasn't already arrived). You can't escape it.

Every business model and every customer interaction will be impacted. If you're not embracing it, you're falling behind. And yet companies struggle to get their digital transformation initiatives off the ground. Why?


The truth is, no matter how valuable your data, if you cannot link it to business outcomes, it will not get used and your initiatives will not get funded. The people who are in a position to take advantage of your data need to understand the value of your data…to them.


Things that are very important in the detailed world of data, may not be visible to operations or business line executives with budgetary authority. You must position your data ops initiatives in such a way that they resonate with their business objectives, not your own.


It's tempting to try to use software functionality to sell your digital transformation initiatives. But it doesn't start with software. It starts with defining goals, forming consensus and building trust. It doesn't take software; it takes a methodology. A methodology that links the value of your data, solutions and technology to business outcomes.


That methodology is called Digital Value Enablement and it's a discipline for reliably implementing digital transformation. Digital Value Enablement is about validating business priorities and use cases and building organizational consensus. It's also about using value engineering to estimate return on investment so you can prove the value of your initiative ahead of time. And most importantly, Digital Value Enablement links future promises to existing results.


Successful digital transformation must show incremental results and success, and Digital Value Enablement accommodates that by producing faster time to value. It does so by following a Vision-Value-Scale process. First you create a shared vision, then you prove its value and only after that do you scale it.


It's important to understand that while technology is a component of digital transformation, the cultural change in an organization that comes with it is often more important and more challenging. Because of the nature of organizations, digital transformation tends to get done in silos. Not just data silos but organizational silos. Consequently, digital transformation initiatives can get stuck for technical, operational or organizational reasons. The Digital Value Enablement methodology was created to get organizations unstuck.


The Digital Value Enablement methodology works by getting both data people and business people to work together right from the start. The methodology is designed to ensure resources in both groups understand and are taking the fullest advantage of the other's resources. And it ensures that digital transformation is done step-by-step, where you realize value along the way to avoid one big, unproven investment.


Hitachi Vantara has developed the Digital Value Enablement methodology to help everyone from Enterprise Architects to Data Engineers get their digital transformation initiatives embraced and funded. You can learn more about the Digital Value Enablement methodology at Hitachi Vantara's free upcoming virtual conference DataOps.NEXT on May 14,2020.


In the session How to get Your DataOps Initiative Prioritized & Paid For, Hitachi Vantara's Global Digital Value Enablement Lead, Joshua Siegel, will show you how to use the Digital Value Enablement methodology to get your team, colleagues, and business partners to see the value in your initiative.


Mr. Siegel will discuss design-thinking powered techniques to use when trying to translate very technical concepts into business value and outcomes. And you'll learn practical ways to not only communicate the value in your data ops initiative, but to ensure that it delivers that value when it's implemented.


Slots are also available to speak one-on-one with a Hitachi Digital Value Engineer to get recommendations about your specific digital transformation challenges.  Limited space is available so sign up now! You can register for the conference here.