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Implementing GAD 3DC with Failover and Snapshot Functionality using Ops Center Protector

By Karan Patani posted 03-04-2024 18:30


Ops Center Protector version 7.7 introduced several new features for data protection and availability including the capability to allow snapshots on the tertiary site in a global-active device (GAD) 3DC with failover environment. This blog shows you how to configure the setup so that snapshots work in this type of environment.


The 3-2-1 backup is an ever-green backup and recovery method that ensures data is protected and available when needed. The basic concept of this strategy is having three copies (one primary and two backups) of the production data. We can achieve this with a 3DC setup with failover. However, there could be a scenario where corruption in a production volume could spread to local and remote copies. To recover from this type of event, we can add another layer to the 3DC setup by creating a Remote Snapshot of the secondary volume at the tertiary site. This helps us achieve a high level of recoverability because remote snapshots enable quick operational recovery even during disaster recovery. You could also use this additional copy for testing or analysis purposes.




The following environment diagram shows the connectivity across boxes:

Figure 1: Test Environment Layout



Prerequisites for Implementing GAD 3DC Multi-Target with Delta UR Replication

Before implementing GAD 3DC Multi-Target with delta UR replication, verify the following:


·       The Protector Master server is installed and licensed.

·       The Protector Client software is installed on the client node where the volume from the primary storage device is mounted.

·       The primary, secondary, and tertiary storage devices are set up based on the Protector requirements. For more information, see the user guide.

·       Remote connectivity between the storage devices is in place.

·       The quorum disk is configured.

·       Journal volumes are created.

Configuring Ops Center Protector

To protect the data on a file system created using an LDEV from the primary storage device, complete the following steps in Ops Center Protector:


1.     Create a GAD pair between the P-VOL at the primary site and the S-VOL at the secondary site.

2.     Set up a standby Delta UR pair between the S-VOLs at the secondary and the tertiary site (this pair remains suspended unless there is a failure at the primary site).

3.     Establish a UR pair between the P-VOL at the primary site and the S-VOL at the tertiary site.

4.     Take a backup of the S-VOL at the tertiary site using a Snapshot.

For a successful configuration, use the Schedule option for all operations in a single policy.


5.     Create the Data Flow and assign each operation to the nodes in the following sequence:


a.     Assign the GAD operation to the secondary GAD storage device.

b.     Assign the Delta UR operation to the tertiary storage device.

c.     Assign the UR operation to the tertiary storage device.

d.     Assign the Snapshot operation to the tertiary storage device.


Using Ops Center Protector, we successfully created a higher level of disaster recovery using remote snapshots in a GAD 3DC+Failover environment at the tertiary site. This additional copy is useful for backup, testing, or analysis.

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