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The Changing Face of Converged Infrastructures in an AI Era

By Lakshmi Pedda posted 01-07-2020 15:48


The Changing Face of Converged Infrastructures in an AI Era

You are probably thinking yet another converged infrastructure (CI) article/blog. Honestly, I feel the same when I see another report or blog on CI. So, how is what I’m going to write here any different? For starters, I will share why a data driven foundation is a must in order to harvest the vast amounts of unstructured data while also continuing to provide a solid foundation for structured data. Then, I’ll go a little deeper into the evolution of converged infrastructure architectures, including the joint solution, Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure. Lastly, I’ll share a few industry specific outcomes that’ll energize and enable you to get ready for the AI era.

It is estimated this year alone, one third of all B2B companies will use AI to make decisions. In less than 10 years, 94% of cars will be connected to the internet. According to IDChumans generated 33ZB of data in 2018, alarmingly only 2.5% of it was actually analyzed. Hitachi coins this data driven foundation, the DataOps Advantage (see below) and leads the industry with this approach. With DataOps “what if” scenarios will be a thing of the past, because employees across industries will be empowered with the right data at the right time. You can read how Hitachi Vantara became the Official Ride and Show Analytics Provider of the Walt Disney World® Resort and the Disneyland® Resort.

The Evolution of Converged Infrastructures

The millennials have lived through this and know it all too well—Traditional, siloed infrastructure has had its fair share of missed SLAs, lost revenues and not to mention skyrocketing costs. IT was never considered a business enabler. Many pioneers, blue-chip companies recognized that they had to modernize their data center in order to remain viable and competitive. This was the dawn of the converged infrastructure era a decade ago. Since then, converged infrastructures have delivered on the promise of a reliable, scalable, and performant infrastructure platform addressing the need to consolidate structured data/workloads and contain costs. This widespread adoption is endorsed by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research that indicates nearly one-third of organizations have deployed a converged infrastructure, with another 56% stating that they have plans to do so.

In recent years, companies are deploying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, automation, internet-of-things (IoT) devices and building data lakes to extract business insight from both historical and real-time data; all of which put enormous pressure on their current converged infrastructures that was initially built to address structured data.

Enter converged infrastructure 2.0—that’s data-driven and has broad applications across various industries. Let’s examine Hitachi’s DataOps Advantage as showcased in the joint solution from Cisco and Hitachi. As a  validated converged infrastructure system, the Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure incorporates best-in-class storage from Hitachi Vantara including the newest VSP 5000 Series, and servers and network equipment from industry-leader Cisco, with virtualization from VMware, management, automation to speed cloud acceleration and AI and analytics software that adds intelligence to customer insights. Take a listen to this video
on the business value this data driven CI system delivers to you. It’s no wonder 81% of global Fortune 500 have relied on Hitachi Vantara for their storage solutions.

Let’s examine how a few industries are leveraging a data-driven foundation. In manufacturing, companies are embedding IoT devices in motors, pumps, and other physical assets to do preventive maintenance; and creating product lifecycle systems that link customer and supplier feedback. Banks are deploying AI to spot fraudulent transactions in real-time, and investment companies are using data analytics to better understand their customers’ needs and create innovative service offerings. I bet you have encountered like I have on an online retail site, a chat bot that is ready to answer any question you have on a potential purchase!

I hope these examples energize you to take the leap and adopt a DataOps Advantage to your IT/Cloud platform. I’d love to hear how your workloads have evolved over the years and how your data center transformation projects are meeting this challenge head on in this AI era. I encourage you to visit our community page and begin a dialogue with our AI driven converged infrastructure engineers.

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