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VSP 5000 series significantly improves the performance of Oracle database solutions - Enables new business opportunities with 5G applications

By Libo Jiang posted 03-02-2020 19:26



Are you ready to enable new business in the 5G era? More specifically, are data centers or IT infrastructures ready for estimated 500% or more data generated by 5G applications? Processing and transferring data is often more important than storing data. Hitachi recently released VSP 5000 series. Improvements in performance and scale over previous generation of VSP enterprise storage array or VSP G/F1500 are the answers to the challenges and opportunities generated by new 5G applications in the coming years. Here is an awesome website for VSP 5000 series. For Oracle databases, Hitachi VSP 5000 series is a game changer. A full-size Hitachi VSP 5500 array is equivalent to six single-controller Hitachi VSP G/F 1500 or three dual-controller Hitachi VSP G/F 1500.

    Previously Hitachi solutions for databases were able to deliver very high Oracle database performance with just a single controller Hitachi VSP G1500 array. In an apple-to-apple performance POC, our customer told us that the Hitachi solutions for Oracle RAC database were able to outperform another vendor’s solution by 500% or more in IOPS and Hitachi was awarded the deal.



    With Hitachi VSP 5000 series and Hitachi Solutions for Databases with Oracle RAC, customers can enjoy even larger scale and higher performance.  It’s also a great option for data center consolidation. A full reference architecture can be found here for “Hitachi Solution for Databases with Oracle RAC on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5500 and Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 using Intel Cascade Lake CPUs”. The Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X series is supported as Oracle database Smart Flash Cache for this solution.

    Figure below shows the high-level solution architecture.

    For more information on the Hitachi solutions for Oracle databases, 

refer to this link . Please contact Hitachi Vantara local sales team for Oracle solutions.