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Unlock Hitachi VSP 5500 superior performance with Hitachi DS7000 Series server and Intel Optane Persistent Memory

By Libo Jiang posted 11-30-2020 15:02


Leveraging the best of our Hitachi Solutions for Databases to improve your overall Oracle RAC performance and availability
Hitachi VSP 5500 is the king of performance & scale in today's data storage industry. And for many of our customer, a vital component for high performance Oracle database environment. There are multiple ways to construct a large-scale high-performance Oracle RAC database, including with possibly fewer and more powerful compute nodes, or a larger number of less powerful compute nodes. With fewer compute nodes, it is often less communication overhead among Oracle RAC nodes. Such an environment is also more flexible for batch jobs, BI/DW, backup & recovery processes etc.

Hitachi Advanced Server 7000 series has a unique modular architecture with several complementary models, each based on the Intel Xeon scalable processor. it's high reliability, extreme performance, and agile scalability make huge difference for high performance Oracle databases. You can upgrade a model to the next model, preserving your hardware and software investment as you grow.

This solution utilizes the new Optane DIMMs, code-named Apache Pass (AEP) and officially branded as Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM).

A new Oracle database solution we recently released, “Hitachi Solution for Databases Using Oracle 19c Database with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5500 and Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 series”, uses all three major components described above in a full Gen6 fabric environment.
With an 2 node VSP 5500 array, 4-socket DS7040 server and 24 Intel DCPMM DIMMs, we’re able to achieve 1.7M+ IOPS with a typical 70/30 OLTP workload. The table below shows the key results of testing this architecture with and without Intel’s AEP DIMMs. For more results, please review results below or click here for full RA.
Test Category Test CaseTest Results
With 48 x 64GB DRAM DIMMs With 24 x 64GB DRAM DIMMs and 16 x 256GB AEP DIMMs
ThroughputRT (ms)ThroughputRT (ms)
ORION8KB Random Read1,561,006 IOPS0.83N/AN/A
8KB Random Write604,840 IOPS0.81N/AN/A
1MB Sequential Read26.84 GB/sN/AN/AN/A
1MB Sequential Write16.65 GB/sN/AN/AN/A
Test Category Test CaseTest Results
With 48 x 64GB DRAM DIMMs With 24 x 64GB DRAM DIMMs and 16 x 256GB AEP DIMMs
ThroughputRT (ms)ThroughputRT (ms)
peakmarksSTO-READ24.91 GB/s3.9023.79 GB/s7.28
STO-Random 100% read1,238,452 IOPS0.961,252,6230.95
STO-Random 80% read/20% write1,363,887IOPS0.871,539,5570.98
STO-Random 70% read/30% write1,561,952 IOPS1.111,701,0440.92
STO-Random 100%
891,794 IOPS0.38984,6570.73
SRV-SCAN113.04 GB/sN/A133.51 GB/sN/A
DBWR-THR5.55 GB/sN/A4.98 GB/sN/A
DA-LOW/ROW109.69 GB/sN/A134.80 GB/sN/A
DA-LOW/STO30.89 GB/sN/A31.02 GB/sN/A
DA-LOW/COL1,645.95 GB/sN/A1,673.64 GB/sN/A
TP-LIGHT 1 RPT 0% update420,548 tps0.26308,917 tps0.41
TP-LIGHT 1 RPT 20% update277,695 tps1.00268,607 tps0.62
TP-LIGHT 1 RPT 30% update280,288 tps0.99295,659 tps0.75
TP-MEDIUM 25 RPT 0% update66,874 tps4.1521,567 tps5.13
TP-MEDIUM 25 RPT 20% update14,729 tps11.3512,159 tps8.36
TP-MEDIUM 25 RPT 30% update13,818 tps8.0711,818 tps8.19





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