Hero Steps for a Successful Multi-Cloud Container Platform combining VMware Tanzu with Hitachi

By Paul Morrissey posted 08-27-2021 09:37

Are you considering how to approach meeting the goal of delivering a  container workload platform as part of your evolving infrastructure that can satisfy the multiple different developer and operational needs that could potentially span on-premise and public cloud workloads.. How about managing the ever present data that is the lifeblood of those application services and provide those developers with access to reliable, protected persistent storage options that are easily consumable

We just published our most recent reference architecture which walks you through how to accomplish those goals above. This paper demonstrates combining VMware VCF,  TKGs, TMC, vVols on VSP, vSAN, Velero,  Hitachi UCP and HCP to manage/protect on-premises Kubernetes clusters and workloads including persistent storage workloads. That was an acronym blast but the point being we're showing how to combine those individually important elements required into a flexible VM and container service delivery platform meeting your operational needs across multi cloud.


Some key highlights that we paid particular extra attention too as you review the paper
  • Showcased stateless and stateful applications being deployed and protected with on-premise VMware Cloud Foundation on Hitachi UCP+HCP+VSP
  • How to effectively step by step deploy NSX-T VI workload domain for Tanzu Grid services on VCF
  • Clear guidance on correctly deploying TKG guest clusters through familiar kubectl but also deploying both CNCF compliant kubernetes clusters and TKG guest cluster through SaaS based Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)
  • Check out Velero data protection options we recommend and how to leverage a S3 target platform such as Hitachi Content Platform (cloud scale) for backups and restores to an entity outside TKG infrastructure (as opposed to MinIO etc.) that we validated with verified restores.
  • Review how the integration with VCF and vSAN/vVols provides a coherent management for persistent storage with some great clarity on VMware CSI implementation for container native storage. It shows clarity with example of wordpress app on vSAN PV combined with MariaDB on vVols PV
I believe this is one of the more authoritative papers to cover the broad spectrum of what is required to deploy/run a container based infrastructure service. There are some great components in this architecture and we've done the hard work to pull information from disparate sources and validated that combination in this reference architecture. We had some great interactions and feedback with our colleagues at VMware and we now hopefully have a great resource to share with community to abstract and simplify the options with this powerful Tanzu platform that we have come to appreciate. I'd give the team an oscar if their was a category for most comprehensive RA !

Here is link

So check it out.. You'll hear more at VMworld 2021 on this topic from us so stay tuned or if ready to jump in, you know where we are.




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