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Leveraging capabilities and benefits of virtualized Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere using VSP E990

By Purva Shinde posted 12-04-2020 07:50

Hitachi Solution for Databases with Oracle RAC on VMware aims for simplifying IT transformation, as it offers increased efficiency, quality of service, predictable performance, flexible journey to minimize cost, dynamic scalability, disaster recovery with VMware vSphere. All with intuitive implementation and simplicity our customers are used to having with the use of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 and Hitachi Advanced Server DS120. With Hitachi Solutions for Databases Virtualized Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) on VMware vSphere, customers can enjoy significant dynamic scalability, high availability, and reliability benefits.
The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) portfolio delivers performance and agility today and scales to match future demands. This enables you to maximize your data infrastructure advantage, improve IT operational efficiency, and drive business value with VSP E990 from Hitachi Vantara’s Mid-Market flash portfolio.
Using Hitachi Ops Centre with VSP E990 help achieve AI-enabled management, automation and data protection, improved operational efficiency, end-to-end analytics to optimize operations and reduce manual tasks and risks in your Oracle RAC deployment
Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere 6.7 leverages VMware vSphere vMotion. vSphere vMotion provides the live migration of virtual machines with high availability and zero downtime. The migration process is completely transparent to users. vSphere vMotion provides migration with compute resources as well as compute and storage resources. vSphere vMotion can come in handy in many scenarios like IT infrastructure maintenance, VM workload balance, any disaster etc.
This reference architecture based on VSP E990 with DS220 provides below benefits –
  • Achieve high performance from Oracle Real Application Clusters database with VSP E990 storage.
  • Ability to move Oracle database instances from one host to another without workload disruption by using VMware vMotion.
  • Adding or removing ESXi hosts in the VMware ESXi cluster based on business requirements.
  • Provide a solution for customers who are looking for converged Oracle products.
  • Provide numerous benefits to database administrators through the creation of abstraction layers between application, operating system, and the underlying hardware.
  • Using the Oracle solution with VMware ESXi reduces space, power consumption, and IT administrative requirements while driving high-speed performance.
  • Use virtualization of customer’s data center also with Oracle
  • Oracle has endorsed use of VMware virtualization
  • Easier to deploy Dev/QA environments
This solution is engineered, pre-tested, and qualified to provide high performance, high availability, and high reliability in demanding, dynamic Oracle environments. Below is the High-level Infrastructure diagram for solution:
Here are the key performance test results achieved during the deployment of Oracle RAC in our architecture:
Test/Workload TypeMetric2 x VMs (VMware) with E990
STO-ReadMaximum Throughput13.022 GB/s
STO-RandomMaximum IO/s442,532 IOPS
Average Response Time (ms)1.2
DA-LOW/STOFull Table Scan Rate12.510 GB/s
TP-LIGHT 1RPT 30% updateTotal Transaction Per Second44,817
Average Response Time (ms)0.61

To learn more about this solution go through the Reference Architecture for Hitachi Solution for Databases - Virtualized Oracle on Unified Compute Platform CI using Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 and Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 Reference Architecture Guide.




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