Welcome to the Data Test Track

By Roguen Keller posted 10-02-2019 03:47

Welcome to the Hitachi Vantara Data Test Track, powered by the Hitachi Vantara Customer Community!
The following is a quick guide to share with you your process for getting your car registered to race in our Data Test Track derby and discussing the results with our Global Learning Team.
  1. Start your visit by meeting with our representatives from the Global Learning team.  They can share some of the overarching concepts behind the Data Test Track and its objective
  2. Start building your car.  Be sure to adhere to the Derby Rules  or your won't qualify
  3. Register as a racer.  You'll only need to do this once to get your Racer ID which you will need to remember.
  4. Register your car.  You'll need to do this every time you create a new car or modify your existing one.  Your car will be validated to adherence to the derby rules here
  5. Time to race! Provide your Racer ID and your car to the Race Operator
  6. See your car go down the track
  7. Have a look at the leaderboard and see how you stack up to other racers and their cars.  See how you did against our prediction for your car
  8. Revisit the Global Learning booth to learn more about your results and bridging the concepts into the real world!