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Addressing Hybrid Cloud Complexity with Hitachi and VMware : Discover @ VMware Explore

By Shih Chieh Cheng posted 08-02-2023 14:33


Addressing Hybrid Cloud Complexity with Hitachi and VMware : Discover @ VMware Explore

For modern enterprises, hybrid cloud promises profound opportunities yet poses substantial challenges. As businesses strive to innovate and compete, they need solutions to effectively balance these realities, enabling agile DevOps.

The strategic integration of  Hitachi Vantara’s Unified Compute Platform (UCP) and VMware provides this equilibrium – helping IT and DevOps teams simplify complexity while development harnesses velocity.


The Hybrid Landscape: A Double-Edged Sword

The hybrid cloud landscape offers enticing capabilities such as flexibility, cost optimization, and business continuity. However, these benefits come with their own set of challenges:

  • Management complexity from heterogeneous technologies
  • Security gaps arising from absence of holistic controls
  • Operability struggles due to fragmented observability
  • Compliance risks from disjointed policy enforcement

For organizations adopting modern architectures like containers and microservices, complexity compounds further. Lack of consistency and scalable infrastructure stifles developer velocity and operational efficiency.


VMware and Hitachi UCP: Your Key to Hybrid Cloud Harmony

This is where VMware and Hitachi UCP merge strengths – jointly tackling the intricacies of hybrid cloud while providing accelerated pathways to innovation.


For IT teams, the robust orchestration engine of UCP – UCP Advisor – coupled with VMware's software-defined infrastructure, offers:

  • Unified visibility and control
  • Enhanced security posture and policy enforcement
  • Optimized operations and resource utilization


For DevOps teams, VMware Tanzu and UCP provide:

  • Simplified Kubernetes deployment across environments
  • Focus on delivery rather than maintenance
  • Consistent platforms for rapid application development, testing, and deployment


By synchronizing solutions, VMware and Hitachi UCP help IT and developers work in concert – overcoming hybrid cloud dilemmas while unlocking innovation.

An Integrated Fabric to Tame Complexity

Seamless integration of core solutions enables unified hybrid cloud:

  • UCP Converged/Hyperconverged infrastructure - Pre-integrated systems with compute, storage, network, and virtualization. Simplifies deployment while delivering high performance.
  • vSphere/vSAN - Provides hyperconverged infrastructure with software-defined storage. Enables scalable resources that are easily managed through familiar vSphere tools.
  • Tanzu - Deploys and manages portable Kubernetes clusters across environments. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid brings consistent Kubernetes. Tanzu Mission Control centralizes operations.
  • Validated UCP integrations with Google Anthos and Azure Arc - Extends VMware ecosystems to hyperscaler clouds.
  • vLCM with UCP Advisor - Provides application and infrastructure lifecycle automation across hybrid cloud environments. vLCM delivers automated, model-based provisioning and management. UCP Advisor enhances orchestration
  • vRealize with UCP Advisor - Unifies monitoring, troubleshooting, and analytics. UCP Advisor provides on-prem metrics.

This creates a ubiquitous environment to develop, deploy, and run applications reliably across heterogeneous infrastructure – on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge.


IT Empowered: Mastering Complexity

For IT, VMware and Hitachi UCP integration establishes order within hybrid cloud chaos via:

Consistent Management and Security

  • Unified visibility and compliance across environments
  • Centralized policy enforcement enhances security posture
  • Automated remediation reduces risks

Optimized Infrastructure and Operations

  • Flexible workload placement reduces costs
  • Intelligent allocation streamlines monitoring
  • Automation eliminates configuration drift
  • Self-service provisioning speeds deployment

Multi-cloud Agility and Portability

  • Write-once, deploy anywhere capabilities
  • Freedom to leverage optimal platforms
  • Built-in business continuity and DR
  • Dynamic scalability across environments


DevOps Unleashed: Hybrid Multi-Cloud Agility

For DevOps teams, VMware and Hitachi UCP democratize velocity by:

Abstracting Underlying Infrastructure

  • UCP CI/HC ease management burden
  • Tanzu delivers robust, portable Kubernetes clusters
  • Consistent stacks across environments

Bridging Cloud Platforms

  • Unified API and services across clouds
  • Write-once, deploy anywhere portability
  • Flexibility to leverage optimal solutions

Streamlining CICD Pipelines

  • Automated testing and deployment
  • Accelerated build-to-production
  • Observability across environments

By tapping VMware’s agility and UCP’s performance, developers gain the hybrid cloud speed, scale, and consistency needed for rapid results.


Mastering the Hybrid Balancing Act

Hybrid cloud promises the capabilities needed to compete and win. But realizing its potential requires overcoming complexity.


VMware combined with Hitachi UCP balances these realities – helping IT optimize environments while developers accelerate innovation. Together, they establish the modern, flexible foundation required to master the hybrid cloud balancing act.


Take the Next Step

Visit Hitachi Vantara booth 601 at VMware Explore and learn how to simplify hybrid cloud management while harnessing its full potential. See VMware and Hitachi UCP in action.