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What is New - UCP BM 2.2 Cassiopeia Release

By Sreeram Vankadari posted 12-21-2020 20:17


UCP BM Cassiopeia release went GA on December 14th.  Here are the highlights
  • T4 GPUs are now available with DS120 and DS220
This T4 GPU is a low profile and cost-effective GPU, which can be leveraged in wider solutions now.  Till now only DS225 platforms supported GPUs.  A full scale POD was done with complete UCP solution components.

  • Baby Jamaica integration with UCP 
Now Baby Jamaica is qualified and tested in UCP environment to align with our Mid range storage options..  As you may know, in our previous release (Betelgeuse) E990 integration with UCP was completed.  
  • FOS 9.0 qualification
Brocade/Broadcom is transitioning FC switches to a newer version of G620.  These newer versions will only work with FOS 9.0 or higher firmware.  FOS 9.0 is now qualified on existing G620 older version of switches.  As per Brocade newer version of G620 is functionally identical to older version of G620

Several Enhancements have been made to Interoperability Matrix
RHEL Operating System
    • DS120 and DS220 pages are updated for RHEL 8.1
    • DS225 and DS240 page are added 
SUSE Operating System
    • DS220 page is updated for SLES 12 SP4
    • DS120 page is added for SLES 12 SP14
    • DS240 page is added for SLES 12 SP3
Oracle Linux Operating System
    • DS220 page is updated for OL 7.8
    • DS120 page is added for OL 7.6 and OL 7.8

The following release deliverables are updated 
  • UCP BM CPQ Page


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