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UCP Advisor Multi-Site Deployment

By Srinivas Ponnala posted 10-23-2019 19:04

In this blog I'm going to provide an overview of how to deploy and configure UCP Advisor software for multi site or multi datacenter use case. The amazing flexibility the software brings in, when it comes to its installation/configuration enables the capability to support any type of UCP Systems installation footprint spread across one or more sites/locations. 

Multi-site / Multi-datacenter: UCP Systems and/or Arrays spread across multiple locations with or without replication

UCP Advisor Instance:

• UCP Advisor software comprised of two components
   • Controller (w/ Business Logic) (CVM)
   • Gateway (for Hardware Abstraction) (GVM)
• UCP Advisor single instance mean “ One Controller and One or more Gateways”
• Gateways can be spread across UCP Systems / sites / datacenters as long as there is IP connectivity between the Gateways and Controller

Single instance of UCPA (w/ 1x CVM, 1x GVM)

Single instance of UCPA (w/ 1x CVM, 2x GVM one on each side)

NOTE: Both the above install types are valid single-instances of UCP Advisor

Use case: Two Datacenter with Global Active Device (GAD) replication

2DC - GAD (w/ 1x vCenter, 1x CVM, 2x GVM one on each side)

• A single instance of UCP Advisor can communicate with multiple UCP Systems/Arrays spread across sites.
• Flexibility to register separate UCP Systems per site and onboard the arrays accordingly.
• The above example is for Single vCenter managing both sites.

Setup UCP Advisor for 2DC - GAD

  1. Install CVM (.243) and GVM1 (.245) on Santa Clara site, configure CMD from Array G5100 to GVM1.
  2. Install GVM2 (.242) on Cupertino site, configure the CMD from Array G370.
  3. On CVM (.243) run “ucp_adm -re”  to register the vCenter (.241) plugin.
  4. Now login to vCenter and create a UCP System (Santa Clara site) with GVM1 and onboard Array G5100.
  5. Then create a second UCP System (Cupertino site) with GVM2 and onboard Array G370.

Installation Footprint  
UCP Advisor installation footprint will appear as shown below. You have a separate GVM per site with physical command device CMD mapped from local storage array. There is no need for stretched CMD devices configuration across sites.

NOTE: Only Storage Arrays are represented for simplification. These Arrays can be part of any Converged / Hyper converged Solutions including Cisco & Hitachi Adaptive Solution for CI.

UCP Systems registered in UCP Advisor Plugin

This is how the UCP Systems appear on the UCP Systems screen when you login to vCenter and launch UCP Advisor.  Note the Gateway VM IP for each site.


Replicated Arrays Inventory

UCP Advisor provides the inventory insights for the replication PAIRs configured on the Array. Go to the Storage Array Manage screen, and then select 'Replication PAIRs' tab to view  PAIRs information along with the status.

NOTE: Currently, replication configuration is done outside UCP Advisor

Protection (1x vCenter, 1x CVM)

When it comes to replication, protection is key and would like to protect your management environment. In this case we are talking about GAD, so move your vCenter and Controller VMs on to this GAD VMFS datastore.

Manage Quorum Array with same UCP Advisor

If Quorum Array is at Santa Clara site:

  1. Configure CMD from Array G1500 to GVM1 (.245).
  2. Login to vCenter and onboard Array (G1500) in UCP System (Santa Clara site).

Installation Footprint
UCP Advisor installation footprint will appear as shown below. Santa Clara site  will have two arrays onboarded.


If Quorum Array is at Los Gatos site (third site):

  1. Install GVM3 (.246) on Los Gatos site, configure the CMD from Array G1500.
  2. Configure CMD from Array G1500 to GVM3 (.246).
  3. Now login to vCenter and create a third UCP System (Los Gatos site) with GVM3 and onboard Array G1500.

Installation Footprint
UCP Advisor installation footprint will appear as shown below. Third site Los gatos will have the third GVM to manage the Quorum Array. So in UCP System page you would see another UCP System registered as Los Gatos with Quorum array onboarded into it.

NOTE: Please refer the UCP Advisor Installation and Administration Guides for detailed sub steps for each of the high-level steps discussed in this blog.

You can watch the recording of above use case

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