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The New VSP E990 Makes the Hitachi Solution for the SAP HANA Platform Successful for Midsized-enterprise Customers

By Yingping Niu posted 05-08-2020 18:46


On April 21st, 2020, Hitachi Vantara launched the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990 designed to utilize NVMe. SAP has certified and included it in the Certified and Supported SAP HANA® Hardware Directory for up to 50 SAP HANA nodes.

When designing storage solutions for HANA TDI, SAP IT architects are often asked to ensure that two requirements are fulfilled at the same time: total disk capacity and storage performance. The latter is highly transparent as SAP tools can inspect if KPIs on the same are met.

SAP’s efforts to reduce data footprint (memory and disk) of their business applications means that SAP HANA systems are relatively small in terms of disk size while storage performance requirements remained unchanged. Consequently, HANA databases today expose more I/O load to a storage system per Gigabyte of application data compared to other ERP or analytical solutions. As a result, additional storage capacity is often required for storage configuration to comply with performance needs.

With storage solutions, such as Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 introducing NVMe drives to fully exploit the advantages of non-volatile disk technology, the traditional over-provisioning of disk capacity for the sake of storage performance is no longer required.

Hitachi Vantara offers enterprise storage scalability and cost-efficiency for SAP HANA customers at a wide range of price points, speed and scale for business of all sizes with addition of VSP E990. In this blog, we will highlight few VSP E990 features that provide competive advantages for customers deploying Hitatchi Solutions for SAP HANA Platform.

  • VSP E990 scales up to 1.4PB of NVMe flash capacity and 5.79M IOPS of performance, allowing for massive consolidation of workloads, which leads to cost savings. With response times as low as 64 microseconds, applications will now run at speeds that will drive efficiencies throughout your business.
  • VSP E990 allows organizations to adopt an all-NVMe solution and make effective use of 4:1 sight-unseen effective capacity guarantee and 7:1 total efficiency guarantee.
  • VSP E990 leverages an enhanced version of the VSP F900 architecture and the same SVOS RF operating system as the VSP 5000 for guaranteed data reduction performance and efficiency.
Figure 1 lists SAP HANA node scalability certified by SAP for Hitachi VSP Enterprise Storage family including all-flash VSP F series, all-flash NVMe VSP E990, and high-end enterprise VSP 5000 series. The new VSP E990 node scalability from the product family standpoint sits between the F900 and the F1500.

Figure 1

With node scalability ranging from 16 HANA nodes to 222 HANA nodes for the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform portfolio, you can address more customer opportunities to efficiently deploy all sizes of HANA landscapes. The addition of VSP E990 provides enterprise-class features for high-end midrange customers who have similar high-performance workload requirements as enterprise customers, and they can purchase a single system to run their business for a lower cost option.


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