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 Unable to save new file to File base repository with current versions of openjdk on ubuntu

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Jonas Sundman posted 01-12-2022 11:11
We have been using PDI CE versions (8.3, 9.2) on ubuntu using file based repositories. I am avare that they are labeled as unsupported but they have been proven very useful for sharing projects using version control.

I have now run into an issue, which seems to relate to the latest updates of openjdk (1.8.0_312-8u312-b07). Everything works with the repository otherwise but no new jobs or transformations can be saved. The save button is active and reacts to mouse clicking but nothing happens.

I can see no errors in any logs or outputs. I tried it out with an lecacy version of Oracle Java, where this works. 

Can you think of some workaround or setup that could resolve this issue?
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Andrew Cave
Hi Jonas

We've had some mysterious problems with Java updates before.    You could try downgrading the Java, or set the JAVA_HOME in the to point to an older version.   We've also had some success with using the Zulu java implementation too.   You might try starting Spoon using to see if you get better logging messages.
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Jonas Sundman
Hi Andrew

Thank you for your tips! Indeed the interaction with the repository is have had some quite confusing problems before, too. I tried zulu with no success. Also, I could not get spoon to produce any debug output. Downgrading the Java installation is always something you would like to avoid as long as possible.

The workaround for now will be to create the needed entries in the repository either using spoon but without having the repository connected or directly to the file system.
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Ivaylo Toshev
Hi Jonas,

The same issue is true for Rocky Linux 8, Alma Linux 8, Linux Mint 20.3
I did try to change the openjdk version down/up with no success. So, IMHO the issue is more deeply dependent on the other components of the OS environment.

Anyway, I will appreciate it if you share it here if you happen to have any success on this...