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 Correct procedure for deleting volumes with ADR enabled on 5500 / SVOS 9.5

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David Rowley posted 03-18-2021 16:39

Does anyone have the correct procedure for deleting volumes with ADR enabled on VSP 5500 / SVOS 9.5?


Also, is it possible to do so in Ops Center Administrator? Or must use Storage Navigator / Device Manager or raidcom / CCI?


The procedure used previously on 1500 was:

 1. Change the LDEV status to Blockade with the raidcom modify ldev command.

     2. Format the LDEV with the raidcom initialize ldev command.

     3. Delete the LDEV with the raidcom delete ldev command.


Using StorNav/DevMgr, a warning message comes up indicating that the procedure involves manually formatting the Deduplication System Data Volumes. This is a bit scary thinking about formatting system vols!


Any advice would be most appreciated, and if you can point to a Knowledge Base article or other documentation that would be great.


I find the following KB article which has a few small notes about deleting volumes:



Dave Rowley



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Hello David


There is just an additional flag you can set with the ldev delete:

raidcom delete ldev -ldev_id <ldev#> [-operation initialize_capacity_saving]

 It's documented under Volume Management > CCI. Once the article is approved you should see it below.

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You can see the documentation here:


Under the CCI section, with an explanation.