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 we are currently running on Pentaho 5.2. can we migrate to Pentaho 9 directly?

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Michael Tian posted 10-14-2021 21:00
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Sergio Ribeiro

Hello @Michael Tian​,


Going from 5.2 (dated 2014) to 9.x is a big jump. So... directly? No.

As you may imagine, in the [more than] 6 years that separate these versions, a lot of changes happened.

Two problems I can foresee right now:

  • several steps were deprecated/eliminated: you'll have to check every ktr/kjb individually;
  • plugins that you currently use may not work on the newest version: you'll have to see if there're newer versions or search for alternatives


Such transition will greatly depend on your scenario.




Sérgio Ribeiro

Porto - Portugal