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 Select current datetime from Database instead of PDI server time using Table Input step

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Rajkumar Venkatasamy posted 10-11-2021 12:04

Hi Pentaho Community users,


I am using PDI community edition version 9.0. The table input step has a simple sql query pointed to postgres database connection and the statement is as shown below:


select now()

I expected that PDI will execute the query in the target database (which is running in Pacific time) and return current date time of database server (which is Pacific time). However PDI is returning the timestamp in UTC since the PDI server is running in UTC timezone.


I can see from database server logs that the PDI is issuing the sql command (select now() to Postgres DB but still the response that I get is in PDI server timezone instead of database timezone. Why is this happening ? and how can I make PDI to return database server time instead of PDI server timezone ?



Thanks and Regards


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Ana Gonzalez

This is probably more a Postgres question than a PDI question, and it probably has to do with how Postgres handle connections. I don't know about Postgres, but in Oracle you have DB locale settings and Connection locale settings, and this seems like in Postgres is similar.

Probably there's some kind of parameter you can add to your connection information to change the timezone of your connection.