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 Getting "Unfortunately your browser is not supported" error when starting Pentaho Data Integration (Spoon)

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Leonard Reinstein posted 11-17-2021 09:01
I have version 8.2 of Spoon (Pentaho Data Integration) installed at my work by the support team. Keep getting this error every time I start up Pentaho, even though Microsoft Edge is the default browser on my Windows machine. I also have Chrome. Somehow, it's trying to use Internet Explorer by  default and I don't know where this setting is being retrieved from.

Also, when I click on Help->License information, Help->Welcome Screen, Help->Documentation nothing happens. Because these issues are related.

The internal support team doesn't know what the issue is.
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Andrew Cave

Hi Leonard.
On the internals pentaho 8.2 is calling mshtml.dll which wraps Internet Explorer.  The pentaho wiki has been moved onto Confluence and per this post  they refuse to support IE at all.   I'm fairly sure that in later versions they're directing the help requests to and it works OK.

For help you can use

As to the might be the welcome page?  You can turn it off in Tools > options

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Leonard Reinstein
A bit confused about the answer. As I mentioned, Edge is my default browser on the system and I also have Chrome.

So how can I avoid this weird "browser not supported" popup? The biggest issue is that I wanted to check what licenses were installed, as I need the support of Big Data plugins, but nothing happens when I click Help->Licenses, and I think this browser issue is the reason.

I still don't understand how I can fix that.
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Andrew Cave

Hi Leonard - not sure how to work the threading on these comments.

The Internet Explorer app is embedded in the executable file mshtml.dll.      This file is used by the pentaho java program to provide browsing functionality inside Spoon).   So when you go to Help inside Spoon it opened up Internet Explorer even when you had uninstalled it.   That's why it ignores Chrome (or Edge or Firefox).  7.1EE has the issue but 83EE does not. 83CE does have the issue though.

If you have the licenced version you should be eligible for the 8.2 service packs which might help.    The links I gave where to allow you to access the Help documentation for the Spoon steps and entries.

If you just need to verify/install licences, you can use the CLI interface to update/query them as per this link