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 Issue with Setting up hadoop cluster in spoon

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Data Conversion posted 07-16-2018 06:19


I am using PDI 8.0 and facing issue while setting up the hadoop cluster. I am getting the below errors.


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John Eicher


When you connect to Hadoop from Spoon, it will attempt to connect to the cluster using the user profile of whoever started Spoon. So for example, in my case if I start Spoon in Windows using my 'ceicher' profile, I must have a /user/ceicher directory in the Hadoop cluster, or else I will get similar errors to what you're seeing now.

Further, you'll need to make sure you've configured your Spoon's shim with all the correct *-site.xml files.

Finally, if you have any kerberos security enabled, you'll need to configure that in the shim as well.