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 Pentaho 8.2 Error while accessing charts

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Ravikumar Kamma posted 02-04-2019 14:17

Hello All,

Whenever I access any chart from CDE I gets this error and execution stops.

ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.GenericServlet] GenericServlet.ERROR_0004 - Resource /common-ui/resources/web/compressed/pentaho/type/Context.js not found in plugin common-ui

I checked, Context.js is not available at the specified path.

Where can I get this file?

Is there anything else that I can do to work with charts in CDE?

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Duarte Cunha Leao

Hi Ravikumar,

that file has in fact been removed in Pentaho Server 8.2.

You should either have a browser cache problem or have a dashboard that makes explicit use of the said module.

For the former, just make sure you clear the browser cache. For the latter, it needs to be solved on a case by case basis; we'd need to see the code that is using the said module to find an alternative.



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Ravikumar Kamma

Hello Duarte Leao


It seems the problem was with Browser cache.