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 Hi Team,How do we increase the inode of a file system on a Hitachi storage ? This is very urgent issue. Can someone please help here ?Thanks.

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System StorageTeam posted 09-22-2021 23:01
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Grant Woodbury
inode's are host file-system attribute, so will depend upon which OS you are attaching to.
 All VSPs arrays can non-disruptively expand the under lying LUN (LDEV) for that to happen, but does not automatically adjust the hosts' format, etc.
HNAS can adjust inodes (as they present CIFS or NFS mount points).
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I guess the question is really relative to whether or not we are talking HNAS or strictly block level OS.

the linux df man page provides:

       -i, --inodes
              list inode information instead of block usage

For HNAS when using 'df -i' against a mount point, you are unlikely to receive anything you "might expect"; the output is not going to be analogous to Linux or NetApp. 

> When -i option is used, each line of the output includes the following columns:
> “Filesystem” - The name of the filesystem.
> “Inodes” - The total number of inodes on the file system.
> “IUsed” - The number of used inodes.
> “IFree” - The number of free (unused) inodes.
> “IUse%” - The percentage of used inodes.
> “Mounted on” the directory on which the filesystem is mounted.

The useful data observed at the Linux level against HNAS share is "Filesystem" and "Mounted on", but not Inodes.