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 private connection on HNAS cluster

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yudho wibowo posted 09-26-2019 12:47


curenttly I was configuring the hnas cluster using virtual smu, and on the documentation that I read to create the hnas cluster on first time the default ip is (for ip cluster). my question is, for the ip cluster on hnas cluster it must be use private ip Can it be replaced with another segment?

and how is the topology for the connection network when creating a cluster server with a virtual smu ?

please help.

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Howard Dobrin

Good Monring

What company are you with?

Are you a Service Partner or a Customer?


I am not sure what documentation you are reading, but it is very out of date.

It is recommended that the vSMU eth0 and Node eth1 ports be assigned Customer Management Network addresses.

The Private Management Network configuration was deprecated when Hitachi stopped the sale of the Hardware SMUs.

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Howard Dobrin

I had to do a search in Salesforce and I see that you are with the partner PT. Central Data Technology

We have Delivery Instructions on our internal SharePoint site for Employees.

Unfortunately, it is not available to Service Partners.

We are in discussion about making the content available to Service Partners as well.

I will be more than happy to forward you the Delivery Instructions directly to your email address


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Howard Dobrin

if you are running nas-preconfig for the first time on the nodes the use customer ip addresses on the eth1 ports instead of the (Admin), (Node 1) & (Nod 2) ip addresses.

Then cable the vSMU eth 0 port and the Nodes eth1 ports onto a Customer Network Switch. I would recommend a Management vlan to minimize traffic on the management network.