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William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen's profile image
William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen posted 10-20-2020 14:35

Hello We've been having various questions from customers regarding how can they do CSV reports from Analyzer. Some clients often have HCS(Hitachi Command Suite) reports that they used for billing ect. But they now want the same data via CSV.


First thing is to build your report via report builder. Best to use Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer Detailed View here:

getting MQL 

Below where you can find the code example:

Video Showing how to get it going and how I run the script:


Disclaimer: Comes with no guarentee's or assurances. This is merely to show a customer how they could do it themselves. Work here is my own and doesn't represent Hitachi Vantara in anyway.



Sushant Sawant's profile image
Sushant Sawant

This is Great.... Also take a look at Inventory report in Detail View 10.5.0 release

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Paxton Aufderhar

I assumed I didn’t see intra-Office 365 data in my DMARC reports because the messages were staying inside Office 365, merely going from one tenant to another. I never expected this gross oversight.