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 How to use an Olap parameter into a "sql over sqlJndi" datasource?

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Claudio Battaglino posted 07-16-2021 12:07


I have a dashboard that has an "Olap selector" that drives the content of some charts.

These charts use as datasource a query done with "mdx over mondrianJndi".

In this case the condition is:

WHERE ${academicYearFilterParameter}


Now, in the same dashboard, I have a table that uses as datasource a query done with "sql over sqlJndi" that is a simple SQL query.


I'd like to use the Olap parameter into this query but I don't know the syntax.


This syntax doesn't work:

WHERE anno_accademico_ingresso = ${academicYearFilterParameter}

because ${academicYearFilterParameter} is an object.

How can modify this condition?


Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.