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 New Ops Center Portal install via installer gives "404" error

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James Reeves posted 06-30-2020 14:59

Hi, all. Wondering if someone else may have had this issue.


I followed the instructions to the letter for installing Common Services via the installer, used port 443 (no conflict), everything seems fine, however when I go to the URL, I accept the security exception and it gives a "404 Not Found".


Of course Hitachi's documentation is severely lacking as there isn't much documentation on Common Services.


Any advice would greatly be appreciated.



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We found that it's often better to use the IP or the hostname during the installation. We've found a bug that sometimes the name used by the service doens't resolve and then some parts of the installation fail.


Maybe try doing it with IP only.

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Daniel Kleeman

We have had a similar problem and not tried William's suggestion yet. I find it surprising that Hitachi Vantara has released this packaged product with obvious errors in it. I do not think that testing has been sufficient.

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Gary Matthews

Hi James , did you get a resolution to this after? I'm going through and install at the moment and am at the same point , https://portal:443 and https://portal/vam get the 404 for name and IP

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Hello Gary,


Can you ping or resolve portal from your client pc?




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Gary Matthews

Looks like a typo in the manual.

Instead of


as in the manual it should be

https://opscentreip:443/portal for the portal


https://opscentreip:20961/vam for the admin