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 finding WWN's configured on all ports using rest api

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Dhevash Govender posted 02-03-2022 14:40
I am new to HCM Rest Api and am trying to collect HBA WWN's configured on each host group for a G1000.

I am using curl and this document  ""

GET base-URL/v1/objects/storages/storage-device-ID/host-wwns

I am using this command,  however i do not want to do this port by port, is there a way to use wild cards to get the information for all wwn's without specifying individual portId's?

so instead of using portId=CL1-A&hostGroupNumber=0 use something like portId=CL*&hostGroupNumber=*
curl.exe --silent -k -u xxx:xxx -X GET $baseUrl/v1/objects/storages/8000000xxxxx/host-wwns?portId=CL1-A&host_GroupNumber=0"host-wwns?portId=CL1-A&hostGroupNumber=0
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Michael Taormina
It looks like you can get this information using the search/query function of HCM:

GET "/v1/views/host-groups-host-wwns-wwns?$query=hostGroup.storageDeviceId eq '8000000xxxxx'"