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Nikolaos Samarniotis's profile image
Nikolaos Samarniotis posted 05-25-2021 11:11

I want to implement using HAD a monthly report service using Hicommands to a remote HCS server.

Are there any custom service templates available?


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Do you have an example of what you'd like to accomplish?


Have you had a look at the new Inventory reports available in Analyzer? I've made a post previously on how to pull custom data from Analyzer programatically it might useful if you want to schedule it via Automator.

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Nikolaos Samarniotis

Hi William,


The client still has HCS and HAD 8,6,2 I need to retrieve a monthly report from a remote HCS using a number of Hicommands.

Output the results to a file and email it.


Today I found a plugin ""


I will try to work with it.