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 SQLITE problem

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Gosforth Kubu posted 05-05-2020 15:13

I'm trying to connect to SQLITE.

I try two methods. Fist is choosing 'sqlite' as db type. Second is generic driver. Both does not work (connection to db works in both cases) and when I use 'table input' step I get two types of errors:


[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such table: xx)

Unable to get value 'Date' from database resultset, index 2


Sure, table exist (I can get there and display it using DB browser for sqlite).


Is there any magic trick?



I hate old good forum does not exists anymore. This new one is just mess and not working at all.

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Andrew Cave


  • Within SPOON, make a new connection using for example a Table Input step.
  • In the General tab, pick “Generic database” from the list of connection types.
  • Pick “Native(JDBC)” from the Method of Access list.
  • No further information required on this tab, go to the Generic tab.
  • In the URL field, enter “jdbc:sqlite:c:\mydata\mydatabase.db” where c:\mydata\mydatabase.db is the SQLite database you wish to connect to.
  • In the Driver class field, enter “org.sqlite.JDBC”.



This worked for me