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 Restart Carte server every 24 hours on Windows VM server

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Max Bobzien posted 07-22-2019 21:08


Has somebody here a .bat file or other idea on how to restart the Carte server on a Windows VM every 24 hours? I have noticed that after running it for 6-7 days, it starts to get "GC overhead limit exceeded" errors and crashes. If I then restart the server, all is back to normal for the next few days.

Thanks for any help!


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Johan Hammink

just put the command line to start the carte server in a bat file.

I would put 2 lines in the bat file. First to stop the carte server

example when carte.bat file in same directory as bat file

carte.bat 8080 -s -p password -u user

and the second line to start the server

carte.bat 8080

In the past I also had some memory issue's with carte. I solved that by checking  in the first transformation entry

"Clear results row before execution" and "Clear result files before execution"


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Max Bobzien

Ok but what command do you use to actually kill the carte server so you don't start a new one while the old one is still running?

And did I get that right: for every job that you have, you set the first transformation always like that?

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Johan Hammink

The command to stop carte is : carte.bat 8080 -s -p password -u user


These settings I use for jobs which are always running and the sceduling is set in the job