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James Staton posted 06-29-2018 14:30

I have a child job where I set variables in the parent job (not JVM or root job). When I first run the job after opening Pentaho, I get expected result in the variable (true). If I run the job again, with changes made to NOT set the variable, I'd expect it to be null or not exist in the parent. However, what I see is that the variable still exists with the value from the previous run. If I close and reopen spoon, the variable is null/non-existent as expected.

It seems like the behavior should be to clear job-scoped variables after the job completes, but this is not the case. Is there a way to clear variables without reopening the program? I've tried reopening the parent job tab, no success.


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Brandon Jackson

You are asking at a very good time.  This depends on which version of PDI that you are using because there were a cascade of regressions and various expectations around variables, execution, namespaces and how things enter in from the shell and even with the repository.

The master list of issues and their status are here:

[PDI-14662] Collector Epic for Issues with Variable Resolutions - Pentaho Platform Tracking

So the next major release or next point release of a supported series should give you a more reliable environment to explore the ground rules.