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 Issue with spoon

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Breshnave Sunny posted 09-02-2019 09:51

I want to integrate the Spoon with MySql Work bench database. I copied the connection jar file and still getting error Data source name too long

Please support

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Naveen Kumar

Hi Sunny,

MySQL work-bench is a design/client tool for MySQL database. Have you installed the MySQL database and able to connect from Work-bench or other directly (without using Pentaho) ?

The error seems like a generic ODBC connection related issue. Are you connecting through MySQL ODBC ? 




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Breshnave Sunny

In this scenario, the database Mysql is there in other country and in here in their local PC they have installed work bench. I am trying to connect Pentaho using JDBC and ODBC ..I created ODBC connectivity and it is connecting , but not connecting with Pentaho. I copied the jar file in the lib directory also. still...

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Johan Hammink

What kind of error message do you get when you try to connect to the database?

Which driver file are you using?

Java8 is not supporting ODBC connections