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 How do I get a range of free LUs with powershell

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Gary Matthews posted 06-09-2021 12:38

hoping there's some powershell experts out there who can help me as I'm a complete novice. I've installed the hitachi powershell cmdlets and successfully added the storage. I want to automate creation of LUNS ( we've been told we have to use powershell) and there are specific ranges of LUs that are used for different hosts eg the ESX5 host uses LUs 8192 - 8447. Now the get-freelu will give me a list of all free LUs but how do I interrogate that to get the lowest LU in that specific range ? Any ideas/help would be great


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Hello Gary


I see you got some of it configured in another post.


I would also check out how to do tasks in the Ops Center suite. Here is a link of how I've done it in Powershell using CURL commands.


There is also a document here showing how it's done with the snap in