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 How to build a report that take data from spoon transformation?

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Federico Boldori posted 10-07-2021 15:52

Hi, i have a kettle transformation that took some data from an API. I would like to generate a report from this data with Report Designer, using the step Pentaho Reporting Output. I'm learning and seeing the examples, but It seems that the report could not took all the data from the transformation (ie multiple rows), but i need to configure a data source in the report and query something other to get the data.


My data is a simple table with 10-15 rows and 5 columns.


So it's not possible to generate a report with only the data passed with spoon?

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Ana Gonzalez

It should be possible, I played with it some years ago and I could make it work, I haven't used it actively in production, so I can't help you. Have you tried the opposite? I mean, using a PDI transformation as datasource in a report, someone here some days ago found a thread in the old forum that helped him to make it work.

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Luciano Donazzolo

Yes, it is possible.

  • Pentaho Report Designer
  • New
  • Data / Add Datasource .. / Pentaho Data Integration
  • Add a new Query ("+" icon)
  • Browse / select ktr file
  • Select producer step
  • Ok

Hope this help


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Federico Boldori

Hi, i've changed all my job doing the opposite:

job -> transformation -> call a report --> this report call a transformation.

The problem now is this:

I should pass some parameters to the transformation executed by the report, but I can't find anything that works: variables (set in jobs or child transformations): does not pass to the ktr called by the report.

Parameters: no, does not work.

Any hint??

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Federico Boldori

Ah this parameters i should pass are passed to the job via CLI (-param:ParamName=value). This is mandatory as the ktr executed by the report call an API to fetch a json, that is my firs input for the data in the report.