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 How to read a html file as input?

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Leandro Alves posted 07-10-2019 21:16

Hi guys, 

I'm trying to read a html file (out of http, just a single html file on my desktop folder that is a raw data) but i'm failing miserably.

how can i do this? pdi can help me with this case?

note: I'm note using the server, just the spoon module and my version is 6.1


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Denise Sims

Try codepen for this issue or else inspect that particular html page and try to use your html knowledge to understand file, if you don't have any reference i will provide you.

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David da Guia Carvalho


There is no step to parse HTML it self, so, you have to do it by your self and you got some choices!

Any way, you will have to first y "prepare" de html or convert it to a tabular data.

As far as I  can see you whant to get the html table to a data stream, in that case a very simple way to do it woul be "manual" copy the "table" object and replace the tags with a delimiter and save it to a "csv" file

As a html table is compoused by somethigs like:



You could replace:

  • "<TR>" and "<td>  for blank
  • </td> for separator ";"
  • "</TR>" for line feed "\n" (or just blank it depends on your file)

in linux there is a very easy way with "sed",  just copy the table to a new file and it could go like this:

sed -i 's/<td>//gI'  my.html

sed -i 's/<\/td>/;/gI' my.html

sed -i 's/<\/tr>/\n/gI' my.html

You can also "manual" parse the html on PDI using "replace in string" step

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Johan Hammink

There is a plugin in the Marketplace HTML to XML. That step in inspired by a blogpost by Roland Bouwman

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Data Conversion
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Data Conversion
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