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 Pentaho CE 9.3 not longer available at SourceForge

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Carl Messner posted 04-27-2022 06:53
Hi all
I downloaded Pentaho CE 9.3 on Apr 21 from SourceForge, but many users reported that it's no longer available at SourceForge.
I checked the website today (Apr 27) and i also couldn't see any link for version 9.3
Any clue about this?

Best regards
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Stephen Donovan
That version was the Release Candidate for 9.3 and was accidently released to SourceForge.  We appreciate the interest of the community. 

The offical release of 9.3 is May 4th.  Stay tuned.
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Torsten Schaefer

Realesadate 4 May, thats my kind of humor. 

may the fourth 
may the force, be with you. 

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Ramanjaneyulu Ravuri
While creating new vfs connection in pdi-ce-9.0, We didn't get drop down here for select vfs connection type(hdfs,s3,...).

Is this issue or not, if it is an issue in 9.0 what we can do to create new vfs connection.

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Stephen Donovan
Sorry, slight delay with export controls and internal paperwork.  9.3 EE was released on Friday.  At this time, the CE sibling is also released to SourceForge. Of note, this is the same build number (428). No need to redownload or reinstall if you were already part of the sneek peek.
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Carl Messner
Hi Stephen, I had doubts about the build number, but you have already clarified it.
Thank you very much