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Amaury Van Espen posted 06-06-2020 06:33


I've followed the step for googledrive-vfs from this page

Drive doesn't appear in VFS connection neither from Open from URL

I've restarted several time PDI and computer, still wihout succes.

I'm using PDI community edition 9 (423). Moreover I'm not able to find the googledrive-vfs plugin in market place (available or download) even if the path data-integration\plugins\pentaho-googledrive-vfs\credentials exist

Could you provide help please

Thank you


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Ana Gonzalez

I'm not sure, but it looks like the googledrive-vfs plugin is Enterprise Edition only. Probably you'll need a workaround to access to Google Drive.

Do you need to just upload/download files and process the information in those files in PDI or do you need to work with cloud storage during the processing of the information in PDI?

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Amaury Van Espen

Dear Ana,

thank you for your feedback

I don't need to work with cloud storage, the point is only reading and writing file (csv, spreadsheet) located in drive

Thank you


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Ana Gonzalez

There's a community plugin to work directly with Google Sheets, reading and writing information:

If you are able to work with Google Spreadsheets instead of generic csv files or Microsoft Excel files, it might work for you instead of looking for a workaround managing the Google Drive part with another scripting tool and then calling the script in a PDI step.


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Alberto Garcia

Maybe a bit late for this, but although the Pentaho-Google-Sheet-Plugin is great... it only writes data with the correct format when using all strings and it doesn't let you select the folder for your new spreadsheets.

What I did was installing the google drive app for desktop, to have a virtual folder pointing to the google drive storage. Then you only need to create your files there in that path. You can have then multiple variables to point to different folders in your drive.

In order to do this, you can install the Google Drive desktop app for Windows or Mac, and set the settings to link a folder in your system.
For Linux, you can install `google-drive-ocamlfuse` with these commands:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa
$ sudo apt install google-drive-ocamlfuse
$ mkdir google-drive
$ google-drive-ocamlfuse google-drive
The last command must be executed with a Display environment, you can use a remote desktop connection for servers. With that, you will enter your credentials and link the folder to Google Drive.

Best Regards,