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 On the Pentaho Google Sheets Output plugin, I get cryptic error saying Read Timeout, which I later figured out was the result of google quota. Is there a way to do exception handling?

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Satish Venkataraman posted 10-25-2021 15:32

I've used this from this plugin -


For my dataset, I have ~ 56000 rows, and 12 columns of data. This, upon using the said plugin, errors out. Even with the 56K rows, it says it errored out and the transformation stops. However, the entire content has, in fact, been written to the google sheet. I don't understand what the error means, why it still works and gives an error. I also don't see any option to do any exception handling. Now, When i reduce the number of rows it writes to the google sheet without any errors in pentaho. Please let me know what is the problem or if you have any questions.

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Ana Gonzalez

You'll probably have better luck getting an answer opening an issue in the github page of the plugin, although it seems someone else has a similar issue and has already opened one.

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Sergio Ribeiro
Hello @Satish Venkataraman,

Adding to what @Ana Gonzalez wrote, you can also find Jean-François​​' mail at the of the Github page you referred.


Sérgio Ribeiro
Porto - Portugal