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 How to upload PDI transformation file to Pentaho BI Server?

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Gosforth Kubu posted 09-27-2019 13:40

I go to Browse Files=>Upload. Then I attach *.ktr file and click OK. File is uploaded. But for some reason is hidden. Why? If I want to unhide it clicking Properties then uncheck the 'hidden' and clikc OK I receive message 'Sorry. You cannot do that right now'.

Hmmm? Why?

How to solve this? Is there another way to load Transformations and Jobs file to Pentaho Server (from Spoon menu not console)?



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Sergio Ribeiro

Hello @Gosforth Kubu​,


By default uploaded KTRs/KJBs are hidden.

To change the default behaviour, stop the Server and open the following file:

  • <Pentaho>\server\pentaho-server\pentaho-solutions\system\ImportHandlerMimeTypeDefinitions.xml

You then search for ktr or kjb to find something similar to:


You just need to change the "hidden" attribute to false and restart the Server.

Note that previously uploaded objects will keep the previous behaviour.




Sérgio Ribeiro

Porto - Portugal


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Gosforth Kubu

It works :-)

Thank you very much!

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Gosforth Kubu

I see there is a tag 'versionEnabled' but nowhere in Pentaho I do not see any possibility to have versions of files; I always overite file when I save it again (I work with PDI and keep files on server).