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 When i use data integration,i got a error report.both 7.x and 8.xis there anyone who can help me out with this?

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murphy xu posted 03-09-2021 08:23

my os :macOS big sur 11.2.1

java version:

openjdk version "15.0.2" 2021-01-19

OpenJDK Runtime Environment AdoptOpenJDK (build 15.0.2+7)


i also have jdk 15.0.2 on my mac

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Ana Gonzalez

Pentaho doesn't work with java 15, you have to install java 8 libraries

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murphy xu

thank u for your reply.

after i install java 8 and update the swt.jar,the system woks now.

but still,there is other problems.

like , the new connection wizard works,but new database connection directly raises error.

however , i will find out how far i can go.