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 Strings Cut question

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David Fluharty posted 02-04-2021 18:22

I am working on a project where I pick-up Multiple .txt files and formatting each file into their respected email. The first line will be the subject line and the rest the Body. My Dilemma is that, The First Transformation, I move the .txt files into memory, Then split the field into rows, filter out Row 1 of each file, then use the calculator to return the end of the row I then use the set Variable Step.

In the next transformation, I successfully "get" the Variable, but I can not use it in the Strings Cut, or it is not reading it properly. I get the complete .txt file as my subject line. Everything is working great all emails are being sent... but the Subject line is also the complete file. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Sergio Ribeiro

Hello @David Fluharty​,


What Pentaho version are you using? How are you passing the information between the two transformations?

Is it possible for you to provide the transformations (or a simplified version of them)?




Sérgio Ribeiro

Porto - Portugal