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 How to make a tooltip bigger?

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Mauricio Valencia posted 02-18-2019 17:13

Hi everyone!

I have been creating some dashboards using Pentaho CDE. After creating a Metric Dot Chart I noticed that the tooltip shown by a dot it is not giving all the information as it should:


The number, "Neto facturado", it's being split and I want to show it just in one line (2 840 270 393), not two.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

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Paulo Pires

Hi Mauricio,

If you open the developer tools in Chrome, or any other dev tool in other browser, in the Elements tab, you can see that every time a tooltip is generated, a div appears in the body container of the dashboard.

That div has the CSS class "tipsy", and there is other children divs accordingly.

So to change the layout of the tooltip you need to create a external css file with the properties that you want to apply to it.

Best regards

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Duarte Cunha Leao

Also, it might help to take a look at the tipsy's css file:

ccc/tipsy.css at master · webdetails/ccc · GitHub