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 PRD 8.3 drilldown new tab browser

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Maxim Maslennikov posted 11-24-2021 07:35
Всем привет!
Я знаю только русский язык, поэтому не стоит сильно осуждать гугловский переводчик.
Создал отчет с круговой диаграммой.
Я установил параметр url-formula в редакторе диаграмм:
= DRILLDOWN ("generic-url"; "http: //"; {"query_id"; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) =" Логистика "; 43; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) =" Маркировка "; 44; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) =" Производство "; 45; ЕСЛИ (ТЕКСТ ([" диаграмма:: ключ "]) =" Качество "; 46; ЕСЛИ (ТЕКСТ ([" диаграмма :: ключ "]) =" Н.Я. "; 47;))) ))})
Но выдает ошибку, что этот контент нельзя открыть во фрейме.
Вопрос: Что и как настраивать? Чтобы ссылка открывалась в новом окне браузера.
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Andrew Cave Best Answer
Hi Maxim

Have you tried this?

Drilling into a new Window

 use the following javascript URL:

javascript:top.reportViewer_openUrlInDialog('title', '','800px', '600px')

This only works if the report is run in the platform.

Drilling into a new Tab

To open a report in a new tab within the platform use the following formula function:

=OPENINMANTLETAB([url]; [tab-text])

This creates the following javascript-url:

javascript:top.mantle_openTab('<contents of tab-text>', '<contents of tab-text>', '<contents of url reference>')
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Isabel Wu
Here is the English translation (from Google translate) for reference:

Hello world!

I only know Russian, so don't strongly condemn the Google translator.
Created a report with a pie chart.
I set the url-formula parameter in the chart editor:
= DRILLDOWN ("generic-url"; "http: //"; {"query_id"; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) ="Logistics"; 43; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) ="Marking"; 44; IF (TEXT ([" chart :: key "]) =" Production "; 45; IF (TEXT ([" chart:: key "]) ="Quality"; 46; IF (TEXT ([" diagram :: key "]) ="N.Y."; 47;))) ))})
But gives an error that this content cannot be opened in the frame.
Q: What do I configure and how? To have the link open in a new browser window.
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Maxim Maslennikov
OK. I changed the query, but it didn't change anything. Please help me figure out where to configure.
I want a link with the parameter to open when I click on a cell in the chart

@Isabel Wu

=DRILLDOWN("generic-url"; ""; {"query_id"; [id]})
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Maxim Maslennikov
thanks @Andrew Cave​.
Вот это сработало 
OPENINMANTLETAB([url]; [tab-text])
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Maxim Maslennikov
@Andrew Cave Still, this method is needed.
javascript:top.reportViewer_openUrlInDialog('title', '','800px', '600px')
But I don't understand where he should be
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Maxim Maslennikov
Previously, this opened a new tab in Google, but now I see that it tries to open on the platform and is blocked.
=OPENINMANTLETAB([url]; [tab-text])​

Should be opened in a new browser tab, or in a new window
@Andrew Cave help me​